Just as we would seek extra support for math or writing, we may require extra support in order to better understand our social and emotional thinking. It is just as important to help our children navigate the playground, as it is to help them navigate through Math and Spelling.  In fact, their ability to better understand their social world will help them better navigate their academic world.  Our Emotional Intelligence greatly impacts our success professionally, academically, and personally.  Supporting social emotional competencies in our children, and ourselves, is imperative to our success and fulfillment in so many areas of our lives.

I work with adult, young adult, teen, and school-aged clients to provide direction and teaching to help facilitate and develop social understanding and communication in areas including:

  • Professional Interview Skills
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Positive Mental and Physical Habit Formation
  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Perspective Taking
  • Cultivating a Positive Mindset
  • Sibling and Family Relationships
  • Understanding and Building Friendships
  • Reading Comprehension and Academic Achievement Skills
  • Mental Flexibility
  • Organization
  • Play Based Skills
  • Parent Training
  • Emotional Regulation and Understanding
  • Self-Advocacy

For more information, or to schedule a session, please contact Sarah at 630.699.4048 or email